Do you remember the story about the Priest, the Rabbi and the Minister?

The three guys went fishing and about mid morning the Priest said to the other two, “I am going to the car to get my favorite fishing lure.” The Priest jumps out of the boat and tip toes across the water, gets to the shore gets his fishing lure and tip toes back to the boat.

About an hour later the Rabbi says, “I have got to go to the car and get my lunch.” So, the Rabbi jumps out of the boat, tip toes across the water, gets to the shore, grabs his lunch and tip toes across the water back to the boat.

Now, the Minister is scratching his head and wondering what’s going on! He reaches the point where he just can’t stand it so he says to the Priest and the Rabbi that he is going to the car to get his lunch as well. The Minister jumps out of the boat and sinks to the bottom.

The Priest and the Rabbi look at each other and say, “Do you think that we should tell him where the rocks are”?

Downline Building Club

We are about to show you where the rocks are in Referral Marketing.

All you will need to do is follow our step-by-step system that shows you exactly how to avoid sinking to the bottom!

Referral Marketing is an awesome vehicle that will give you the opportunity to

earn thousands and thousands of dollars from home working part-time.


Anyone can do this!

That is just one great thing about Referral Marketing.

There are no skills necessary to earn.


Ordinary people achieving the EXTRAORDINARY

That’s par for the course in the Referral Marketing business.


Referral Marketing is one of the few places left in our world where

the dream of “rags to riches” is still a very real possibility.


This Is The Missing Link You’ve Been Looking For

The right financial vehicle and the right game plan

What would you say to $500+ per month in 2 little steps?

How about $4000+ per month in 3 steps?

Working from home part time right from your kitchen table.

Have we got your attention yet?

Join us here at the Downline Building Club at NO COST,

look around and decide for yourself…we can help you own a successful home business.

We want to work with you personally every step of the way!

Be Careful – Don’t click off this site right away – read on and take the first steps to changing your financial future forever!

Think about these few statistics:

10,000 people will turn Age 65 everyday for the next 15 years!

Of them:   45% will be dependent on relatives;

                   30% will receive charity benefits;

                   23% must keep working to survive;

                   only 2% are self-sufficient in retirement.

It is a fact, people can’t live off Social Security alone.

Average social security monthly benefit is $1,188.00

Most still have rent and/or a mortgage to pay – food, clothing and shelter – that leaves a shortage at the end of the month.

At the end of the month most are constantly trying to play catch up.  You have more month than you have money!

Choose Success – Don’t become a statistic

Don’t work hard for a living, work smart for a lifestyle!

Here’s another great feature in the Referral Marketing arena!

The sky is the limit!  You have the ability to earn an unlimited amount of money, month after month, just by sharing the products and services and you’ve got an advantage!

The Downline Building Club is backing you, working with you, and helping you!

Our database is HUGE, millions in fact!

Now what do you think is going to happen when we start placing these highly qualified prospects under YOU?




Begin right now:  Make the decision to attain your every desire and fuel your decision with courage and steadfast determination.  WE WILL HELP YOU!

Create a self-generating income stream for yourself much like famous authors or Hollywood stars who get paid every time their book is sold or their movies are shown.

Work hard once and get paid forever!

Referral Marketing is a $100 billion Industry and is growing daily!  How would you like to have a small percentage of that?

The only time we fail is when we give up and stop trying!

Why partner with The Downline Building Club?

The Number 1 reason has to be . . .

The Downline Building Club is owned and operated by the Company that has been in business since 2009!  A true team build where the Company is going to help ALL members; new ones, old ones and everyone in between.

Our software, yes that’s right, we have software that is going to place new members in a straight line – so be sure to grab your position as fast as possible!  We will temporarily turn off the join button once we reach 100,000 members and I can tell you when we did this before we had over 37,000 new members within a few weeks.

Won’t it be fun to see your downline grow before your eyes instead of the usual downline clubs where you just have to guess where you fall and how many members are going to be placed under you?

The faster you secure your position, the faster your downline will be built and most important the faster you will be earning thousands of dollars each and every month!

Not only that, The Downline Building Club is giving members access to some great benefits that are designed to help members!  When you choose to participate in our team building efforts, you will have access to 10 e-books designed to guide your through owning a home business!

Our mission is to help YOU! You will not find anything like this out there! A true COMPANY team build that is helping you reach your goals.

Maybe this should be the Number 1 reason
to partner with the Downline Building Club?

The ease, the simplicity, and the support you will receive from The Company, The Downline Building Club, Your Sponsor, and Your Team!

Everything is at your fingertips to build a successful home based business.  All you will need to do is . . .


✔  Set your own hours.

✔  More time with family and friends.

✔  Huge tax savings.

✔  Unlimited Income Potential.

✔  Be your own boss.

✔  No Experience Necessary.

✔  No Special Skills.

✔  Low Start Up Cost.

No one can control your destiny like you can!

See How Simple This Actually Works!

We all know that in Referral Marketing, the only way to earn an income is to share the products with others.  Now EVERYONE is already doing this in their everyday life, but by being part a Referral Marketing Company, you actually get paid to recommend a product or service.

It is as SIMPLE as that!

The Downline Building Cub is going to help you get the products and services to the masses, which is going to get you earning thousands of dollars per month, month after month, within a very short period of time.

So how are we going to accomplish this?

We have a HUGE, millions in fact, in our database.  We cannot contact them all.  So this is where you come in.

We contact them – and place the interested prospects from our database in your downline here at the Downline Building Club.

Now, together, you and the Downline Building Club, contact these people and show them how they can earn a substantial income, just by sharing our products with the prospects we put under them.

Did You Notice?…

We have taken the HUGE problem why most people can’t earn an income working from home!

The Downline Building Club is providing you with YOUR VERY OWN DOWNLINE!

Okay, you think you may need a little assistance in how to contact them.  We have the solution for you.


Remember this a a true COMPANY team build where you have the backing, the support, the training, the tools, etc. all at your fingertips.


Follow the Steps – Follow the Steps – Follow the Steps


You will have access to a series of emails that all you will need to do is insert your information (name, your links, telephone number and email address) How simple is this going to be?


Everything is waiting for you.


You just need to follow our step-by-step system and start earning!




It’s VERY simple!


This is a true Company team build – i know you have heard about team builds before!  You know the ones, someone says they will build your downline – you don’t need to do anything.  It doesn’t work for most.  But, Downline Building Club is taking it to a new level.  Remember, this is a COMPANY team build and we know that if you are willing to do just a couple of things, it will make all the difference in the world and YOU WILL EARN!


✔  Set your own hours.

✔  More time with family and friends.

✔  Huge tax savings.

✔  Unlimited Income Potential.

✔  Be your own boss.

✔  No Experience Necessary.

✔  No Special Skills.

✔  Low Start Up Cost.

No one can control your destiny like you can!